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Add: Chendian Lake Industrial
        Area, Ganzhe, Western
        Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Tel: +86-591-22079999
Fax: +86-591-22628086
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  The route from Fuzhou to our company: turn right in the direction from Fuzhou Belt Expressway to Minhou, pass through Jingxi Town from County Road 315 (Tanshi Shandong Avenue); move forward about 800m in the direction to the city at the second entrance of Tanshi Mountain Turntable, enter into Junmin Road from the right lane, go straight along Junmin Road, and pass through the railway guard crossing to enter into Chendianhu Industrial Zone; turn right at the first intersection, move forward about 200m, and turn left at the intersection to enter into Guanzhuang Road; go straight about 600m, turn right at the intersection in front of Riyueming Craft Factory, and move forward 500m to arrive at our company.
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