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Service philosophy

◆ Product quality commitment
 We solemn commitment that, products are manufactured in strict quality control and inspection, and meet your requirements after assembly and test .

◆ Company policy
 Quality achieves career, service creates value

◆ Service goal
 Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

◆ Service efficiency
Professional stuff will communicate with the user when receive feedback of quality issues from the user, and to respond within 4hours. According to the fault conditions and user’s requirements, the fastest speed to arrive at the scene is within 24 hours in province, 48 hours outside province and begin to repair.

◆ Service principle
 1. Fast, high efficient, warm, thoughtful, thoroughly, while quality problem is not solve, service is not terminate.
 2. Damage parts caused by quality issue will be free of maintenance and replacement in the warranty. If a same quality issue unable to solve after two times’ repair, we would replace same series product to you for free.
 3. Provide lifetime service for product, damaged parts in non warranty can be provide new ones or repair by cost price.
 4. We have spare parts stock, ready to meet user’s demand for spare parts at any time.

◆ Value-added services
 1. We provide free lifetime technical advisory services, assist user with design and optimize of ventilation system and equipment selection.
 2. Our product technology continues to upgrade and improve, we can provide product improvement and update service according to the demand of user.
 3. We are obligated to provide technical operation training and simple maintenance services for user.
 4. We organize professional technical stuff to return visit users; Organize users conference etc, listen to the users, and timely improve the quality and technical services.

Contact us:
 Add: Chendian Lake Industrial Area, Ganzhe, Western Fuzhou, Fujian, China.
 Tel: +86-591-22079999  22628358  22628076
 Fax: +86-591-22628086